Sakamoto desu ga? Episode 12

"S01:eGoodbye, Sakamoto-kun"
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  • Sakamoto desu ga? Episode 12
  • Episode Title: S01:eGoodbye, Sakamoto-kun
  • Episode Synopsis: "Sakamoto is giving the farewell speech at graduation when Acchan attacks him! Fukase seems to be set on never leaving school, but perhaps this scheme will be his last."
  • Provided by: Tubi TV 6 months ago
  • Language: English Subbed
  • Duration: N/A
  • Genres: Comedy, School, Seinen
  • Type: TV Series
  • Episodes: 12
  • Synopsis: "Sophisticated, suave, sublime; all words which describe the exceedingly handsome and patently perfect Sakamoto. Though it is only his first day in high school, his attractiveness, intelligence, and charm already has the girls swooning and the guys fuming with jealousy. No one seems able to derail him, as all attempts at tripping him up are quickly foiled. His sangfroid is indomitable, his wits peerless. Will any of Sakamoto's classmates, or even teachers, be able to reach his level of excellence? Probably not, but they just might learn a thing or two trying... [Written by MAL Rewrite]"
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